Frequently Asked Questions

What's your dress code?

Our dress code is simple:  Wear Something.  Anything.

Seriously, at Life Church everyone’s welcome and nobody’s perfect.

Jeans and flip-flops are preferred, but you can rock that old-school suit if you want.

Am I going to get judged?


Sometimes religious people will say to a pastor, “Get on that stage and give ’em hell!”

Um, if we’re honest, most people coming to church have ALREADY been through hell during the week.

Our team is more interested in giving hope.

Come as you are.  Nobody will look down on you or put you on the spot.

It’s ok to not be ok (it’s just not ok to stay that way!).

Do you have Sunday School?

Nope.  Because Sunday School doesn’t work anymore.

For kids, we have Life Kids featuring engaging, high-energy environments for your kids during each service.

Most teens and adults serve one service and attend one service on Sundays.

For teens, we have 707 on Wednesday nights during the school year.

For adults, we have LifeGroups that meet in homes on weeknights to do life together.

Are you affiliated with any other Life Church?


We are a scrappy, start-from-scratch church start-up.

We always pray for and cheer other churches and their leaders, but we are not connected to any other Life Church out there.

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