Are you the kind of guy who loves figuring out how to make a BIG vision reality?

Does reaching people far from God and leading them toward becoming a sold-out, fully devoted follower of Jesus get you excited?

Are you also passionate about making Jesus famous and doing whatever it takes for the team to reach people and make heaven crowded?

If so, you may be the guy we are looking for.



Life Church Michigan strives to do whatever it takes to reach more people far from God throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region.  No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets.



If you get excited about seeing lost people become found people, enjoy very modern (and loud) worship music, are cool with giant indoor inflatables for the kids, and can roll with bold messages taught with intentional laughter, then we may be the right fit for you.


We’re looking for a strong pastoral candidate (1 Timothy 3/Titus 1) who is flexible enough to step into a new, fast-moving church that is aggressive about the Great Commission.


We are looking for someone who can quickly understand the heart, vision, goals and desires of our Lead Pastor.


This pastoral role requires:

  • Championing mid-week worship experience for middle school and high school students:
    – HIGH TECH: You will be set-up for success with a fully staffed band leading passionate worship. We need a movement leader who can seize the stage with bold, in-your-face large group preaching that grabs teens’ hearts for Christ.– HIGH TOUCH: You will be equipping and pouring into adult volunteers who lead small groups for teens. Small groups break-out after worship & large group teaching. You will also be a public presence at high school sporting events and on-campuses as much as possible. Think Young Life.

    Overseeing all family ministry environments on Sunday mornings:
    – HIGH TECH: Ensuring all areas are fully-staffed by volunteers, tech equipment is ready to go, trouble-shooting any challenges that develop on Sunday mornings in family ministry areas (Nursery – 5th grade environments).

    – HIGH TOUCH: Leading quarterly training events for family ministry volunteers, cheerleading their efforts through cards, social media, etc. Ensuring all family ministry workers are scheduled three months out via Planning Center Online.

    Preaching on the Sunday Mainstage up to 8 times per year; availability for officiating weddings and funerals as needed.

As part of the staff team, this person will serve in a highly-visible role on Sundays primarily at our Saginaw Campus.




– Completely on-board with our Core Beliefs (they can be found online at and a complimentarian in theology


– DC  >  Marvel (we are willing to arm-wrestle over this)


– Passionate about making Jesus famous with a whatever-it-takes, pragmatic 1 Corinthians 9 approach to ministry


– Confident in their beliefs without being full of themselves/entitlement


No time for gossip or church-insider politics


– A good listener, maintaining a posture of humility/teachability, and solution-oriented


– Star Wars  >  everything else


– Someone who embraces change and is not phased by much


– Experience with Fellowship One and Planning Center Online


– Fan of the movie Tommy Boy (preferred, but not required)


– Ready to hit the ground running on or before August 1st.


This person will report to our lead pastor and serve on our Directional Leadership Team.


This isn’t about “getting a job.”  Life Church Michigan is a labor of love.  This is about doing life together and joining in with what God is doing in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan.



Life Church Michigan is one of the fastest-growing churches in Michigan. It launched in 2013 with zero people and the first weekend of April 2017 saw nearly 1,000 people.


We are serious about our faith but not serious about ourselves. We believe that faith is a journey, not a guilt trip.


While intentionally multigenerational and multicultural, our key target demo is a twenty-something irreligious male who enjoys Twenty-One Pilots in concert and stand-up comedy specials on Netflix.


Someone gave us a free building, so in March of 2017, we launched a second satellite campus in Midland 35 minutes away from our first campus in Kochville Township (Saginaw).


Joining our pastoral staff means this person should either have experience as an entrepreneurial movement leader or show that they are an extremely self-motivated reader and learner in leveraging multi-site tools and systems.  Central Operations and Student Ministries will remain at the Saginaw Campus for the first year.


More information can be found at, and


You can learn more about our founding/lead pastor at, and on twitter/instagram/facebook @FollowJon.



EMAIL YOUR RESUME to along with:

  • a 5 minute video example of teaching/preaching in front of a live audience
  • a list of 5 books that have shaped your faith and 5 leadership books that you love
  • the Top 5 podcasts you listen to
  • and your personality profiles from DiSC and Myers-Briggs.

Please do not call or send snail mail the church. This will show us you can’t follow directions and we will laugh at you.