LifeGroups | Genesis 37 - 50


Read Genesis 50:20

  • This is a No Judgement Zone and a Gossip-Free Zone

  • Anything shared here, stays here

  • We are Better Together

As everyone feels comfortable, go around the circle and share how this video from Pastor Jon spoke into your life:

  • Can you relate to past feelings of rejection?

  • What was that experience like when you went through it?

  • How has the Story of Joseph helped you see Genesis 50:20 in your story?

Going Deeper Together

If there’s time, here is a brief Bible study your group may do together.

If there isn’t time, that’s okay!

Group members can log online this week and do this on their own time if they wish.

Here is Joseph’s story in one paragraph:

He was the favored son of his father Jacob. When he enters the stage of biblical history, he is 17 years old. Since his brothers hated him, he was sold as a slave and taken to Egypt. After being falsely accused of rape, he was imprisoned with no hope of getting out. Because he correctly interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, he became the prime minister of Egypt. Eventually he welcomed his family to Egypt, which preserved the line of promise that had started with his great-grandfather Abraham.

Besides all the drama that surrounded Joseph’s life, we should note that Joseph serves as an excellent picture of Jesus.

Joseph and Jesus were:

  • loved by the father

  • hated and betrayed by brothers

  • sold for 20 pieces of silver

  • falsely accused

  • judged guilty of a crime he did not commit

  • abandoned and forgotten

  • promoted after personal suffering

  • the means of salvation even for those who betrayed him.

Since Christ is the theme and Hero of the Bible, all roads must eventually lead to Him.

In studying the life of Joseph, we are able to see glimpses of the One who will be born centuries later in an obscure village in Judea.

Read Genesis 37:3-11;
18-30; 36

God gave Joseph a specific set of gifts. He was able to interpret dreams that he and others had.

This gifting is what God was going to use to bring about his salvation and the salvation of many others.

  • What spiritual gifts has God given to you?

  • Why do you think that God has given you those specific gifts?

  • How can you use your gifts to benefit the people around you?

Read Genesis 37:18-30; 36; Genesis 39:1-18

  • How did Joseph respond to the persecution of his brothers?

  • How would you have responded to that same persecution?

  • How did Joseph respond to the temptation that he faced?

  • What was his motivation for resisting temptation?

Read Genesis 19-23

  • What was the result of Joseph’s response to persecution and resisting temptation?

  • What does that tell us about the results we have when we do the right thing in God’s eyes?

Read Genesis 41:1-8; 14-16; 25-27; 33-40

  • What does Joseph say to Pharaoh about interpreting dreams?

  • How do you respond when you are in situations to exalt yourself or God?

  • Pharaoh noticed that Joseph was filled with the Spirit of God.
    Do you think others see God in you?

  • What can you do to let others see God in you more?

Read Genesis 42:1-11;
Genesis 45: 1-8;
Genesis 50:19-20

Joseph had the opportunity to get revenge on his brothers for everything they had put him through. Instead of revenge, he helped them and forgave them.

  • What makes forgiveness so difficult when someone has gone out of their way to hurt us?

  • What steps can we take to forgive, even when it is hard?

  • Why is it important for you to forgive those who’ve wronged you?

We see in the life of Joseph that we have a God of redemption. His hope is to bring glory and grace to every aspect of your life.

  • What is an area of your life where you need to embrace this truth?

  • How can your life group be praying for you as you continue to face this issue?