What was the last movie you watched or last book you read?

What did you like or not like about it?



What did you find most helpful, encouraging, or challenging from your weekly Solo Study? Explain.

Have someone begin this study by leading the group in prayer.

Play the video segment for Week 2.






What was the most insightful or impactful comment you heard in this video teaching?

“Moving in the right direction begins with literally making the conscience decision to move. It’s a physical activity.”

What holds us back from moving forward in our lives and/or relationships?

Words are powerful.
They either build up or break down. Read Proverbs 15: 1-8. Discuss the power of the words that we say, especially to our spouse or other loved ones.

Sometimes it feels as though it is hard to do the next right thing, especially if we feel like Peter in Acts 12, in prison. Much like Peter, we can find us imprisoned in different ways.

Can you identify the place in your life which you currently need breakthrough to move forward?

Where do you feel God leading and calling you to in your marriage/relationship? What is your next step?

Pray together as a group and fistbumps for everyone!


If you were to place a magnifying glass over the deepest part of your heart and life, would it find a healthy place or an imprisoned place?

Pray for the members of your group to grow closer to Christ and each other in this study.