Reese’s Pieces Relationship Disasters


What has been the best part of this study?

What has been the best part about your LifeGroup?


What did you find most helpful, encouraging, or challenging from your weekly Solo Study? Explain.

Have someone begin this study by leading the group in prayer.

Play the video segment below.


  1. What was the most insightful or impactful comment you heard In this video teaching?

  2. Read Psalm 121. Circle/underline every time you see the word “keep.” In what areas of your life/marriage/relationship do you need to trust and depend on God to help “keep” you?

  3. Storms in our lives are inevitable.

    There are 3 points/truths to hold onto in when they come:

    1. Don’t look down - look up - (Read Psalm 121)

    2. Do what you can, and then let God do what you can’t

    3. Turn your fears into prayers

      Which one(s) resonate the most with you? Why?

    4. Whenever there are relationships, there are going to be wounds and hurts and relationships that need to be restored.

      What is the most difficult part about restoring a relationship with another person?

      What obstacles do we need to overcome to bring about restoration with another person?

    5. What has been the most valuable lesson God has taught you about marriage/relationships during this study?

    6. Conclude the group by thanking and celebrating the Lord for what He has done in the group and what He will do in our lives. Then pray for each other and their marriages/relationships.