Week Three /// Brian Massey /// LifeGroups Study


We live in a “Fixer Upper” world.
What is the most recent project, or what is your upcoming project around the house that you will attack with your best “Chip and Jo” effort?


What did you find most helpful, encouraging, or challenging from your weekly Solo Study? Explain.

Have someone begin this study by leading the group in prayer.

Play the video below.






  1. What was the most insightful or impactful comment you heard in this video teaching?

  2. In order to achieve and give the gift of forgiveness, it must first come from a place of humility.

    Describe what humility in forgiveness looks like. How would you define this type of humility?

  3. This sounds like an easy question, but it’s not. Why is so easy to get hurt or upset by someone, but so hard to forgive them?

  4. The baggage that we bring into our marriages/relationships is usually not your spouses’ or the other person's’ fault.

    Unfortunately that pain is usually caused by an unrelated person or from a particular situation from your past. It is a constant battle that we face - living with these pains.

    Read 2 Chronicles 20:15.

    What does “the battle is the Lord’s” mean to you as seek forgiveness in your life?

    What courage, strength or humility do you take away from the truth that God calls us to in order to trust Him?

  5. What feelings or emotions erupt when you think about forgiving that person who has wronged you?

  6. How could you live/feel differently with the freedom that forgiveness provides?

  7. Take your time in praying together as a group, especially for those who need to pray for forgiveness for themselves, someone else or from someone.


  1. Identify your “pain buttons.”
    What are those things that hurt you or frustrate you? Then, let your guard down, and talk about them with your spouse/friend/accountability partner. You must have open and honest communication. You do not deserve to live in bondage, fear or pain anymore.

  2. Spend time this week identifying who God says you are (“Peace Cycle”). What characteristics does God use to describe you? THAT is who you truly are.

  3. Continue in your weekly Solo Study for next week’s study “Tighten the Knot.”

  4. Pray for your spouse/your significant other/the members of your group that they live in a “peace cycle” in their marriage/relationships.